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26 October 2004

Nerd Factor X Linkpimpin'




Bloglines EmailYou should be reading this using an RSS aggregator. I mean really. Manually 'polling' websites is sooooo 2002.

There are a few desktop apps but really the best RSS aggregator is bloglines. As an example of it's coolness, let me point you to the email subscriptions feature. It basically 'listens' to an email address and notifies you of incoming messages as though it was an RSS feed.

This is very handy for services that let you set up a standing search and notify you by email. I set up just such a notification on JustListed real estate site, and it will notify me of new properties matching my criteria. This is a lot more convenient that actually getting the email in my inbox, and having to manage it (ie filter & purge) manually. Not to mention worrying about the privacy of my email address.

Such a good service (bloglines that is, justlisted remains to be seen) and free. How do they do it?