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08 March 2005




Get 'im, Gittins!

Ross GittinsVia crikey, check out Ross Gittins stickin’ it to The Man last month, demolishing Treasurer Costello’s industrial relations reform policies:

It’s possible Mr Costello spouts this economic illiteracy because he knows no better, being a barrister. But it’s hard to believe Treasury would have failed to brief him adequately. No, it’s more likely he’s dreamt up his own bit of convenient bulldust in the belief it will make the nasty medicine of labour-market deregulation easier for the mug punters to swallow.

In yesterday’s column Gittins describes the retaliation from Costello.

All the nation’s senior economic journalists were invited to attend a recent dinner that Mr Costello addressed at a closed Treasury conference - except me.


IANAE but Gittins seems to make a reasonable, if heated, case. But the point is he is doing a great job of questioning and criticising the government the way the media is supposed to. Credit also to the Fairfax press; my loyalty to the Herald has just ratcheted up a notch.