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23 March 2005

Nerd Factor X Meta



Girt by Themes

Thanks to the wonders of wordpress themes, you can now steal other people’s work really easily!

You are now looking at Steam, a Wordpress theme by Samir M. Nassar. Modifications by me include:

  • A background image on the header. This is from a photo I took of ripples in the water at Glenelg beach in Adelaide. It has had 5 minutes of ham-fisted Photoshop butchery.
  • Some colour changes to make the rest of the page more harmonious with the image. Thanks, Photoshop eye dropper.
  • Some minor template tweaks to incorporate the bits I liked about the old template.
  • Possibly some breakage in IE6. Looks OK in Camino, Firefox, and Safari though.

Let me know if there’s any other obvious breakage.

Update: Turns out the IE problem occurs when using images in the sidebar, and it causes the sidebar to appear below the main text. D’oh. Not sure I can be bothered fixing it for the 18% of readers (possibly a high estimate) who use IE. We’ll see.