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24 May 2005

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What's in your bookmarks bar?

Toolbar BookmarksSo apparently I’m not the only one who fills up the bookmarks bar of my browser with lots of frequently-used and aggressively abbreviated bookmarks.

Recent tools for managing links (Better browser history, Google desktop, Quicksilver,, etc) make fastidious categorisation of bookmarks a thing of the past, or at least somewhere past the point of diminishing returns. But there are still some benefits to be had from spending some time making your most-used bookmarks easily accessible. Here is the current set from my home browser, purged of work sites that aren’t really of interest here.

  • - Goes “up” a level. Surprisingly handy for navigating around 404 errors. Not really needed on Firefox, where the Link Toolbar extension is teh win.
  • Doc - A folder with bunch of links to locally-stored HTML documentation. Especially handy for Javadoc.
  • amazon - Great source of album cover art.
  • arwiki - A personal wiki site. I’m finding this very handy for storing notes and such. Must blog about this some time…
  • bb - BoingBoing obviously. Required daily reading.
  • blogs - Bloglines of course.
  • CcLeche - Elliote Rusty Harold’s excellent XML news site. I used to do a lot more XML stuff and this was daily reading. It’s mainly here now because he doesn’t have an RSS feed.
  • - Nuff said.
  • eBay - I have a great eBay story to tell … soon.
  • engadget - Great way to kill an idle few moments.
  • Gmail - Don’t really need this here because of the various Gmail notifiers I have installed, but I can’t bear to take it off.
  • gmailit - A damn handy bookmarklet. Gmails a link to the current page. Stolen from here.
  • girtby - a folder with links to this website, the admin pages, etc
  • groups - Believe it or not, there are still some topics worth reading on usenet.
  • meme - Jumped the shark really, but still worth a read occasionally.
  • smh - My main news outlet these days, for better or worse.
  • /. - As seen on TV.
  • tv - As seen on slashdot.
  • Y! - For when you don’t have dashboard handy
  • wikipedia - Can’t think of a good way to shorten this (‘pedia? W-pedia? wikip?)

What’s in your bookmarks bar?


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2005-05-23 23:13:39 -0500

I’m surprised you don’t have “The Onion” on there…