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09 June 2005

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Hard questions

Reading the CCNA Study Guide, 4th Edition I came across the following. It is the answer to a multiple choice review question. (edited and emphasis added)

[…], so option A is wrong. […], option B is wrong. […], so option C is correct. […], so option E is correct. […], so option F is incorrect. This leaves option D, which must be correct, but doesn’t make much sense.

Which is exactly what I was thinking when I saw option D.

Just for the record, option D said “If your design is hierarchical, then you don’t need multiple [OSPF] areas.”

They rephrased it slightly for the 5th edition:

This leaves option D, which must be correct; it doesn’t make much sense, but it is the best answer.

So just remember, when you’re studying hard and you think something doesn’t make sense, maybe it’s not supposed to!