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17 July 2005

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New Offering: ktrace parser

I just posted another offering, namely a ktrace parser.

Those skilled in the art will know that ktrace is a BSD utility for logging each system call made by an application. I have been investigating ways of tracking which files are touched during a software build, and this script is the first output of this investigation.

The idea is that you use ktrace to generate a file containing the raw data of system call information. Then use my script to parse this file (which, in the interest of full disclosure, is actually using kdump behind the scenes) and produce a list of all the files and directories that were used in successful system calls. The script can also produce a process tree which you can use to zoom in on the files used by specific processes.

The advantage of this script over a regular kdump output is that because it reconstructs the process tree it can also track the current working directory per process and hence resolve relative pathnames. If you just grep the kdump output you may see things like “../../..” and have no idea what directory that resolves to.

The script is written in python and is a still a bit rough around the edges, as can be seen in lines such as this:

print "    %s(): %s" % (func, ",".join(map(repr, self.namei[n][func])))

If you post it to the daily WTF, I’ll understand.