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14 October 2005

Nerd Factor X



New, Shiny, White ... now available in Black!

The RDF hasn't worn off yet. So it may be too soon to react to the latest announcements of new, shiny and white things from The Steve. But being such a tragic Apple fanboi I simply must comment anyway.

  • 5G iPod. An evolutionary step. Video playback is mostly unexciting, but the new design (and colour!) looks great. Apple's industrial design just kicks so much ass.

  • iTunes 6. More like iTunes 5.1. Yawn.

  • Video downloads from the iTunes Music Store. I don't know about you, but I put music video downloads in the same category as mobile phone ringtones. Sure there's a business there, but I can't see myself ever using it.

The TV show episode downloads are the real revolution here. $1.99 to download last night's episode of Lost is a seriously good deal, or at least it would be, if the resolution and quality didn't suck. The (potential) win here is in the timing of availability of each show. The window of time between when an episode airs on TV, and when it is available on DVD, is when BitTorrent runs the hottest. Apple will, I'm sure, soak up a lot of demand for TV shows during this interval (from the TiVo-challenged if no-one else).

  • New iMacs. Integrated webcam. DDR2 RAM. PCI-e graphics. Nice update, but I'll wait for the Intel version.

  • Is there any doubt that the Apple Remote / FrontRow is going after Microsoft's MCE? I like the simple remote, but it would have been so much nicer to put a scroll wheel on there. (Maybe IR bandwidth is the limitation here?)

  • Feel Good, Inc. by Gorillaz is apparently the only song that Apple listeners have in their library. It's just everywhere in Apple's advertising! (great tune though)

Can't get enough bullet point observations? John Gruber has a lot more.

Lastly let me say that I am just amazed that I still have the top-of-the-range Powerbook after almost 5 months! This has never happened in my life. Despite my obvious gearlust affliction, I rarely buy a top-of-the-range anything. If I do it is usually superceded in a couple of months or so. Now it looks like my PowerBook will stay on top until the new year, possibly the next round of Apple announcements in January. Yaay me!

[Update: D'oh!]