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29 October 2005

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Educational Dilemma Resolved

Many years ago I went to The Kings School.

The King's School is the oldest independent school in Australia and was founded in a very real sense at the Battle of Waterloo, where the Duke of Wellington's success in defeating Napoleon led to a popularity that swept him into office as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. There the Duke was able to exercise his preferment and despatch his protege, Archdeacon Broughton to introduce a "superior description" of education into New South Wales.

Notice the interesting use of the phrase "founded in a very real sense".

Anyway I enjoyed my brief time there, and since then I have followed with interest the school's many appearances in the media, including the television documentary series of a few years ago.

There was even some talk in the Girtby household that we might send Girtby Jr. to this school. As of yesterday, this dilemma has been resolved. In the negative.

Thanks, Dr Hawes, for clarifying that your school intends to spend precious time in the science classroom not teaching science.

And thank you to the tens of thousands of educators who respect science and scientific principles, for telling unscientific principals to shove it.


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2005-10-29 14:48:24 -0500

My kids were saying recently that they had to study for Christian Studies (dubbed in our house "Christmas studies). I suggested not studying but simply praying.

They don't seem to think that will work so I guess the indoctrination hasn't been fully successful.

Good decision old boy.