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08 December 2005

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ip access-list 100 deny from future

I am all over this one. The Financial Times has a shortish but worthwhile article entitled The Future ends at the Firewall (via O’Reilly)

Having access to free video conferencing, or being able to examine the world in exquisite detail on a programme such as Google Earth, has awakened home computer users to the expanding possibilities of life on the web.

When they get to work, however, these same computer users are starting to find that many of the digital goodies they have come to expect are out of reach. That is more than just a frustration for individual workers: as more technology innovation shifts to the web, it could slow the pace at which many new technologies are adopted and prevent companies from reaping the full productivity benefits.

Yer, just like I said recently on these pages, and offline to anyone who will listen. I’ll say more about this, please contain your excitement until then.