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22 February 2006

Cultcha Nerd Factor X Personal



A Field Day

Last weekend, Peter convinced me to go to the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Field Day.

This was a great event, providing me with a glimpse of what cyberspace looked like before the Internet. Before the personal computer even. Events like this are great, you really get a sense of the community, and of the obsession that drives the members to spend all their free time on what is, to outsiders, an incomprehensible hobby. Lots of fun.

Some photos over the fold.

Alastair with new phone Here's me with the latest model mobile phone.
$18,000 worth of radio The Mercedes Benz, no make that the Maybach, of radios. A$18,500
A Russian naval radio, circa 1959 A Russian Naval radio, circa 1959.
VK2DB RIP Unfortunately most of the amateur radio enthusiasts are dying off these days. It's a rather touching sight to see the prized possessions of a radio geek on offer after their death. Looks like VK2DB had a good innings anyway. RIP mate!
Antique electronics The flea market has lots of old stuff like this. Check out the instructions for measuring electrical resistance!
Digital microwave radio system A digital microwave radio system. Fell off the back of a Telstra tower apparently.
Nothing is too old to throw away Nothing is too old to throw away.