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26 October 2006

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Break And Enter

My SO came home this afternoon to a crowd of police outside our house. We’d been broken into. Again.

It happened while both of us were at work. The neighbour from two doors down came home and found a Lexus blocking his garage door. We live in a row of terrace houses with a rear lane entrance into our garages.

The neighbour was honking his horn and not getting any response. He noticed that our garage roller door had been levered open with a car jack. Just then the neighbour from three doors down drove up behind. Neighbour 2 says to neighbour 3 that he thinks we’ve been broken into, and he proceeds to walk around to the front of the house to see what is going on. He rings the cops at the same time.

Meanwhile neighbour 3 sees a man come out of our garage. Neighbour 3 asks him what he’s doing. The man says that he’s helping someone fix a garage door. Neighbour 3 starts to argue with him but the man gets into the Lexus and drives off. No one gets the number plate.

Neighbour 2 waits for over an hour for the police. Then he has to leave on other business. My SO arrives home soon after, to find the police swarming all over. They wouldn’t let her in the house. She rings me.

We eventually find out what happened inside. The burglar had broken into our rear garage and taken a garden tool to lever open our rear sliding doors. He had gone upstairs to our bedroom and rifled through it all, finding nothing, but leaving a mess on the floor.

In my study he really got busy. He had rifled through all of the boxes of papers and books, spilling them all over the floor again and making and even bigger mess.

In the end he got away with nothing. Err, I mean, a huge pile of jewels. Our priceless Picasso. My collection of rare sports cars.

Here’s what he left piled up neatly in the garage:

  • My computer, but thankfully not the laptop which I had with me at work;
  • An old iPod, which I had just the evening before resuscitated from presumed death;
  • A pile of DVDs, although Pride & Prejudice had been specifically left behind;
  • A box of iPod accessories; and
  • A half-full bottle of orange juice

Thirsty work, robbing people.


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2006-10-26 08:14:18 -0500

This is quite some neighbourhood you live in where thieves drive Lexus.

I hope you can get everything cleaned up fast.

Maybe you can get some Jane Austen effigies to ward off future break-ins.