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14 February 2007

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Yahoo! Stops! Forwarding! Mail!

On a whim I logged into my Yahoo account today. I hardly ever use it any more, but I’m glad I did, because it told me there was 45 email messages waiting.

This is odd, because I had long ago told Yahoo to forward all my mail to Gmail. It had been working up until recently but I hadn’t noticed. Apparently Yahoo decided to disable this without telling me.

Disabling the mail forwarding might have coincided with the introduction of Yahoo’s new mail interface (is “client” the right word? probably not).

Anyway I click past the introductory flash movie, into the new mail interface, and click to the “POP and forwarding” options only to be told “you need to use the old interface for this setting!”

Fortunately there is an easy to find “switch back” link, but before switching back it asks “would you like to leave feedback?” I decide that, yes, I would like to tell Yahoo that silently disabling the mail forwarding option was annoying and bad.

The feedback links takes me to which, as of right now, cannot be resolved in DNS!

And that, as you may have guessed, took the whole experience over the bloggable threshold.

I want to like Yahoo, really I do. They have some good people, and good, innovative, services. From a brief play, the new Yahoo mail is actually quite nice. And competition is clearly good for everyone. But equally clearly Yahoo has some work to do in improving the experience for users when rolling out new features.


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2007-02-14 22:36:26 -0600

I think there are no ideal programs! There always can be found something that is wrong

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2007-02-14 22:36:26 -0600

i completely agree with u. i’m trying to make myself like yahoo but it just keeps on disappointing me like for example the ads in the beta mail are REALLY REALLY annoying.