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05 October 2004

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Girt By Links

You may be relieved to note that I am going to try not to post to each Cool New Link that I come across. At least, not without some incisive and worthwhile commentarry. Or a dumb joke.

Some blogs degenerate into a stream of unannotated links, and frankly it's annoying. Nine times out of ten the new link appears on slashdot the next day anyway.

There's a place for posting all the links you come across in a day, and it's called (great domain name eh?).

I have set up an account and will be posting there whenever the hell I feel like it. Mostly this is for my benefit (e.g. "Hmm, where did I put that link about crop rotation in the 14th century?") You may be interested, in which case have a look. Otherwise ... umm ... don't.

If nothing else I recommend the list of popular links, just to see what The Kids on The Street are linking to these days.


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2004-10-05 17:02:29 -0500

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