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31 January 2006

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Bloggable Mass

For some weeks now I haven’t blogged much, but I have had little projects and events going on in the background. Individually these aren’t blogworthy, but together I’m hoping that they reach a bloggable mass.

  • My post from late last year internet explorer makes me ☹ has been getting a bit of attention from the wider blogosphere. It was noticed at IEBlog, where comments indicate that IE 7.0 will fix the unicode rendering problems I described. Yaay! Linkage also from uber-blogger Tim Bray, thanks.

  • Picture of the new CPU coolerThe fan on the CPU cooler on my PC was making noises, so I replaced it. The cooler I mean, not the PC, although I was tempted. Anyway, woah, check out the hardware pr0n! Phwoar, look at the size of it! 752 grams of copper and aluminum. (See also the before shot) I think these days it’s fair to say that you install a motherboard onto a CPU cooler rather than the other way round. The cooler itself is the differently-named Thermaltake Golden Orb II. A good (if garish) performer, but it required a worrying amount of brute force to install. Holy cracked CPU cores, Batman.

  • I’ve had some more ports and updates accepted to DarwinPorts and FreeBSD Ports. Which is quite gratifying.

  • Paul Asadoorian, of the Pauldotcom security weekly podcast, wrote me back a polite reply even after I chastised him for not knowing what shell scripts are. He patiently explained that he had actually said shell code not shell scripts. Oops!

  • My latest toy is a Nokia N70 on the Three network (review forthcoming). Over the weekend I discovered that eBay was available via Three’s walled garden of mobile internet access. I eagerly signed up, only to find that a) it was a pain in the arse to re-enter my username and password every 20 minutes or so on the tiny keypad, b) the password was sent in the clear in the URL of each page accessed, and c) there was a mysterious API error when trying to bid on an item. Could these facts have anything to do with the eBay service being unavailable as of today? I hope they get it all sorted out, and glad to see that Three are realising that there’s more to mobile content than bloody ringtones.

Bloggable mass? Maybe just bloggable mess. Take your pick. G’night.