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07 June 2006

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Creative, Uncommon

Monotonik music label logoNow I know you have no reason to trust my taste in music. I haven’t written much about it — except in passing — so you have no way of knowing whether my music recommendations will have any meaning for you.

I would like to be able to point to my profile and say that you could get a good idea of the type of stuff I listen to, but it’s not really accurate. Mainly because is blocked by the censorware used at my work, so none of the stuff I listen to there is recorded. Also the top artists list hasn’t been updated since May, for some reason.

But forget all that bollocks and take my word for it that music from the Monotonik net label is really good.

Net label? Yes, net label. As in, music label on the net. As in, MP3 format with no DRM, for all to download free of charge. Creative commons licensed, even.

Monotonik specialise in what they call “headphone music”. This is a term which may be confusing to you but makes sense to me. Its electronic music which you listen to late at night with the headphones on. Just like I’m doing now. There are a huge variety of artists and styles mostly revolving around the IDM genre.

Go and get the torrent of all their 2006 releases for a start. Do yaself a favour.


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2006-06-06 23:43:23 -0500

You mean your #1 artist isn't really The Wiggles?