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18 September 2005

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Girt By Anniversaries

Happy anniversary,, you’re one year old today!

Girt by Growth

Here are the numbers from the first year:

Posts: 122 Comments: 214 (non-spam) Visitors: 56,832 Pages Viewed: 157,648 (excluding robots) Total traffic: 2.59GB

This is far more than I had ever expected, in all areas. By far most of the traffic seems to have occurred after posting the local wordpress mirror HOWTO back in February. This article kickstarted girtby’s traffic, as you can see on this graph (September in progress):

Graph of traffic for for 2005 (in progress)

Of course building traffic is not really the purpose of, but it is gratifying in a way that people other than myself seem to be amused by this humble blog.

You can’t see it on a graph, but blogging on been great fun, and it has definitely served the purpose it was originally intended to. Thanks to all humans who visited my online ego, hope you enjoyed your stay. Thanks especially to those who take the time to post comments and blog posts in reply. It’s very gratifying.

Girt by Firsts

September 2004:

  • First post
  • First frantic reworking after posting due to terrible choice of words/phrases/subject
  • First draft abandoned after realising that I actually don’t have anything interesting to say about some topic

October 2004:

November 2004:

December 2004:

January 2005:

  • First legitimate comment by someone I didn’t know (congratulations Ludwig Van Nemotode).
  • First comment by the author of some software that I wrote about.
  • First slashdotting. Not as exciting as it sounds: my (first and only) “ask slashdot” submission was accepted, and they linked to me. Some suckers clicked on the link. Most of the internet didn’t.

February 2005:

  • First naming of a company as “wankers”
  • First HOWTO. This article remains the highest-traffic page on
  • First major Wordpress upgrade.
  • First bookmarking

March 2005:

April 2005:

May 2005:

June 2005:

July 2005:

August 2005:

September 2005:

  • First anniversary post (but don’t expect another one next year, this was a lot of work!)

Greatest Hits

You might not have noticed, but I think the style has changed gradually, hopefully for the better. I started off blogging furiously and trailed off to a more sustainable rate as the months went by. The linkpimpin’ posts became less frequent, and I am now (mostly) immune to web memes. The style now is less stream-of-consciousness, more considered, more betterer writtin’s, and in general more rewarding to write.

Looking back, I’m quite proud of the short posts like Catachresis of the Year and YAGA. But I think it’s the more lengthy, recent posts that are my best work. Go ahead, take a stroll down memory lane:


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Garth T Kidd
2005-09-18 08:13:21 -0500

Woot! Happy Anniversary!

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2005-09-18 08:13:21 -0500


I think it’s traditional to completely remodel one’s site on a blogoversary.

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2005-09-18 08:13:21 -0500


(what do you expect on talk like a pirate day: